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// all i see are dark grey clouds

in the distance, moving closer with every hour

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my heart is yours

to fill or burst
to break or bury, or wear as jewelry,

whichever you prefer

title or description

THE GIRL; genevieve. twenty-one. soft spoken. shy. spontaneous. girly. artsy. impractical. dreamer. impatient. crazy. adventurous. worried. self-critical. romantic. pessimist.

THE LIFE; ex-maui/florida resident. current new york resident. college student. pace university. over-weight cat name sophie. wearing as little clothing as possible. spending too much money on meanlingless things. making memories with friends. impersonating everyone and everything.

ADDICTED; jimmy fallon. yankees. angie jolie. new york city. starbucks. reality television. maui. sandra bullock. the beach. french fries. cart wheels. horror films. flip flops. halloween. road trips. photographs. old school no doubt. madonna. winter. hugs. journals. airports. best friends. boys who will break my heart.

THE FUTURE; living in manhattan. art gallery. magazine writing. dogs. central park wedding. beautiful husband. three kids. living each day like it were the last. confidence. happiness. and a whole lot of love.

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